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Brief Biography

Chiara Corbella is a young wife and mother who was born into heaven on June 13, 2012. She and her husband, Enrico, accompanied their first two children to heaven. When she was pregnant with their third child, a cancerous mass was found on her tongue. She did everything she could for treatments while seeking, at the same time, to take care of the new life that was in her womb. On May 30, 2011 Francesco was born. However, her physical condition worsened over time. After a year of this cross, the cancer brought her to her death. Here we seek to share this story which has changed the lives of many people.



Chiara Corbella was born on January 9, 1984 in Rome, Italy. Chiara grew up with her older sister of two years, Elisa, in a family that taught her how to live the faith from when she was a child. Chiara went to the prayer meetings of a local Charismatic Renewal movement (Rinnovamento nello Spirito) with her mother, Maria Anselma. This journey, in which she learned how to turn to Jesus as a friend, taught her, above all, how to share the faith with her brothers and sisters in Christ. As she got older, …continue…




Testimony given by Chiara and Enrico on November 19, 2009 at the Church of Santa Francesca Romana all’Ardeatino in Rome, Italy.

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“What is important in life is not doing something, but to be born and let yourself be loved.”

(Chiara Corbella Petrillo)

“…the Lord puts the truth inside each of us. And there is no possibility to mistake it.” (Chiara Corbella Petrillo)

“The goal of our life is to love and to be loved, always ready to learn how to love the others as only God can teach you.” (Chiara Corbella Petrillo)


My Love is the song that accompanied Enrico and Chiara to the altar on the day of their wedding. It is the same song that filled the church of Santa Francesca Romana on the day of Chiara’s funeral.

Here is a recording of the song with the lyrics and chords.

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