My name is Chiara. I grew up in a Christian family that since my childhood has taught me to have faith. When I was 5 years old, my mother began to frequent a Catholic Charismatic Community of Rinnovamento nello Spirito and so my sister and I began a journey of faith.

That journey contributed to my growth and taught me to pray and turn to Jesus simply as to a friend, someone to whom I can tell my troubles and my doubts. That same journey of faith also taught me how to share faith with the brothers and sisters who were walking with me on that path. At the age of eighteen, on a pilgrimage, I met Enrico and a few months later we got engaged. The engagement lasted nearly six years. During that time the Lord tested my faith and the values in which I believed. After four years, our engagement began to falter until we broke up. In those moments of suffering and rebellion against the Lord – I thought the Lord did not listen to my prayers – I attended a Vocational Course in Assisi and there I found the strength to restart believing in the Lord. I also started again to date Enrico and we both decided to get some help and have a spiritual director.

Our engagement did not work out until when I understood that the Lord was not taking anything away from me, on the opposite, the Lord was giving me everything and He alone knew with whom I was supposed to share my life. Until that moment I understood nothing! Finally, free from the expectations that I had created for myself, I was able to see with new eyes what God wanted for me. Shortly after, despite our expectations and having overcame our fears, we decided to marry each other.

In our marriage the Lord gave us very special children: Maria Grazia Letizia and Davide Giovanni. The Lord asked us to accompany them only until their birth: we were allowed to embrace and hug them, baptize them and commit them into the hands of the Father with tremendous serenity and joy. Now the Lord has entrusted us with a third son, Francesco, who is well and will be born soon. At the same time the Lord asked us to continue to trust Him despite a cancer I have and that was discovered a few weeks ago. This cancer is trying to make us afraid of the future, but we continue to believe that God will do great things this time too.

Chiara Corbella Petrillo, at the “Laboratorio della Fede”, January 2011.