Verano cemetery

The body of Chiara is buried at the Verano (Rome) cemetery, next to the Cappella (Chapel) dell’Arciconfraternita dell SS. Cuore di Gesu’ at Riquadro 99. The directions indicated in red on the map are good directions if you enter the cemetery by car (only Saturdays is it possible for everyone, otherwise other days it is only for people over 65). Instead if you are walking, it is better to go through the entrance on Via Tiburtina. The entrance is for people on foot and you need to go town the left (recommended entrance) and continue for about 100 meters. The Chapel, made of red brick, is visible from there (riquardo #99- grave site). The gate, in front of the chapel, is directly in front of where the tomb of Chiara is.


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  • Dear Chiara

    I read the story about you, you are so precious and so strong in your illness your courageous from all you went through , I read your story about you on line I cried for you . I know you are with Jesus and Our Blessed mother in heaven you’re an angel my daughter Donna Marie died 4 years ago in August I miss her she was king and funny she left her babies also when she went to heaven
    Please also pray for me her mother and please tell Our Blessed mother and Jesus that I love them so much . I have since I was a little child I remember how much how I so much wanted to crown Our Blessed mother in May in grade school the nun I had told us we can crown Our Lady so the children in my class had turns and the next day it was my turn to crown Our Mother but little did I know we got out early that day so I looked up at the statue of Our Mother in heaven sadly I laid the crown I had made from my mother ‘s garden of roses and cried . But I am sure that Our Lady loves me as she knew how much it meant to me to crown her with rose’s I pray for your Saint hood in my eyes you are a Saint now
    Donna Marie Mary Graciale